NU Beginnings (NUB)

NUB 102 —   NU Beginnings  (1 credits)  

All Niagara University students entering as freshmen take Niagara University Beginnings (NUB), a one-credit, eight-week, seminar course, in their first semester. NUB focuses on the transition to college life inside and outside the classroom, and on becoming engaged members of the NU and wider community.

NUB 110 —   Special Topics  (3 credits)  

NUB 110 is a 3-credit hour course that focuses on contemporary topics within a discipline, coupled with material designed to support students' success during their years at university. Many of these sections have a connection to our Vincentian heritage, while at the same time having a unique focus designed by faculty especially for our freshman students. Peer mentors also support these courses and provide opportunities for freshman students to meet others and learn about creating rich and successful experiences in their scholarship and campus life.