Change of Course or Major or School/College

Change of Course

The following procedures exist for any course dropped and/or added by any student once semester classes have begun.

  1. To drop/add a course a student must first secure the signature of his/her academic adviser on the appropriate form. The adviser should be sure the desired change is consistent with university and departmental policies; additional pertinent comments should be indicated on the form.
  2. Students can adjust their schedule online until the start of the semester.
  3. Once the semester starts, the student then takes the form signed by his/her adviser to the drop/add site.

Generally, no course may be added to a student’s program after the end of the second week of the fall or spring semester.

Withdrawal From Class

The grade W (withdrawal) is assigned when a student withdraws from a course after the drop/add period but prior to the end of the 10th week and from the 10th week on if the student is passing. If the student wishes to withdraw after the published drop/add period but prior to the end of the 10th week of the semester, the student will complete the appropriate form and a grade of W will be entered on the transcript. At the student’s request, faculty will inform the student of his/her standing in class prior to the end of the ninth week of the semester.

Beginning with the 11th week, a student must consult with his/her adviser and the professor. The professor will attest in writing on the withdrawal from course form whether the student is passing or failing. If the student is passing, a grade of W will be entered on the transcript; if the student is failing, the grade of F will be entered on the transcript.

The dean reserves the right to review a withdrawal request and to make the final decision with respect to the assignment of a grade in any exceptional case. Withdrawals will not be approved to avoid failure. Unofficial withdrawals will result in the grade of F being entered on the transcript.

Change of Major

Students wishing to change their major should consult their academic adviser and then consult the dean. The dean’s office will advise them on the procedures for changing a major. Students changing majors should be aware that credits applicable to one degree program do not necessarily apply to another degree program.

Change of School/College Within the University

Students wishing to change their school/college within the university and hence also change their major should first consult their academic adviser and then the deans of the schools/colleges involved. The office of the dean of the school the student is leaving will advise the student on the procedures for changing schools within the university.

Curricular Changes

In general, students are required to follow the degree requirements of the current catalog. Efforts are made continually to improve the curriculum in each college and department of the university. It is intended that students currently enrolled benefit as much as possible from these improvements. In fitting curriculum changes into a student’s program, adjustments are made to ensure that a student is not required to take more total credits than would be necessary if he/she followed the catalog in force during his/her freshman year.