Marketing (MKG)

MKG 631 —   Strategic Marketing  (VAU)  (3 credits)  

This advanced marketing course aims to avail the students with marketing tools and concepts to engage in strategic marketing planning. Students learn about the marketing concept, value creation and the development, implementation and control of the strategic plan.

MKG 632 —   Communication Strategy  (VAU)  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MKG*631

Products are crucial to the achievement of strategic objectives within the organization and they can and should be managed to optimize their performance. This course is designed to avail students of the best approaches to marketing management decisions in the areas of product management, product development and integrated marketing communication.

MKG 633 —   Marketing Engineering  (VAU)  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MKG*631

This class integrates concepts, analytic marketing techniques, marketing models, and computer decision models in making marketing management decisions. It applies marketing science methodologies to areas of product strategy, integrated marketing communication, sales force and channel design, consumer choice, and pricing strategy using a hands-on, case-study approach to learning.

MKG 634 —   Global Marketing  (VAU)  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MKG*631

This course aims to provide an understanding of the issues, contextual factors, mechanisms and organizational processes central to successfully establishing and maintaining an effective global marketing strategy. It aims to provide students with opportunities to enhance their strategic decision-making skills for global market success.

MKG 636 —   Digital Analytics  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MGT*515

This course focuses on the metrics, process, and strategy of digital transformation. Key topics include digital engagement, personalization, storytelling, and omni-channel strategy. Students also complete industry digital-marketing certifications. For the capstone project, students deploy and measure the success of social media and search marketing campaigns for a real firm.

MKG 637 —   Social Media Marketing  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MKG*631

This course introduces key elements of social media marketing including content marketing, metrics, planning, social advertising, advocacy, listening, monitoring, and KPIs. Students complete a content analysis of competing firms across social networks, run experiments across social advertising campaigns for a client, and submit a portfolio of social advertising creative.

MKG 638 —   Big Data Analytics  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MGT*515

This course introduces analytical approaches to data mining, AI, data platforms, marketing process modeling, and application interface tools for big data. Students become well versed in analytical software including IBM Modeler, Watson, R, Google Data Studio, Swagger, Bizagi, and others used in big data marketing strategy.

MKG 681 —   Global Trade Mission:  (3 credits)  

Insight into the operation of business in a global context is obtained through traveling overseas where students attend classes/seminars at institutions associated with the university. Living and studying in another land provides first-hand insight into foreign ideas, concepts, institutions, and policies that shape the operation of firms engaged in international business. The educational experience is enhanced via exposure to other cultures, histories, languages and peoples. The student is required to not only study, but also to live, work and play in a foreign environment.

MKG 682 —   Topic:  (6.00 credits)  

This course provides the career-minded student the flexibility to design an individually tailored course of study. Students will, with the concurrence of a faculty adviser, complete a special project intended to improve their employment opportunities. This may be an individualized program of study, a supervised consultation project with a government, not-for-profit, or business organization, or some other learning experience salient to the student's career goals.

MKG 683 —   MBA Co-Op in MKG  (6.00 credits)  

An advanced-level elective course providing relevant paid employment experience. The objective of the course is to integrate classroom theory and practical work experience for students not fully employed. The student must work full time in an approved work environment for either the fall or spring semester or an equivalent number of hours in the summer.