Additional Qualification

Niagara University’s Additional Qualification courses are designed to provide ongoing professional development to Ontario certified teachers interested in perfecting their teaching expertise. Niagara offers a wide variety of courses throughout the year in various time formats to accommodate the busy schedule of teachers. The courses are completely online which facilitates the accessibility for all teachers. All AQ courses have been developed with a minimum expectation of 125 hours of course work as stipulated by the Ontario Faculty of Education. The online courses are delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). For more information visit

ABQ 506Primary Division0
AQS 511Teaching English Language Learners Pt 10
AQS 512Teaching English Language Learners Pt 20
AQS 513Spec Ed Pt 10
AQS 514French SL Part 10
AQS 515Teaching Catholic Sch Sys0
AQS 516Reading Part 10
ABQ 516Intermediate Health0
AQS 518Spec Ed Part 20
AQS 519Adapt Curric Cath Sch Sys0
AQS 520Reading Part 20
AQS 521French SL Part 20
AQS 522Integration Comp Tech Pt 10
AQS 523Reading Specialist0
AQS 524Guidance & Career Ed Pt 10
AQS 525Integration Comp Tech Pt20
AQS 526Mathematics Prim/Jr Pt 10
AQS 527Spec Ed Specialist0
AQS 528Kindergarten Part 10
AQS 529FSL Specialist0
AQS 530Guidance & Career Ed Pt 20
AQS 531Mathematics Prim/Jr Pt 20
AQS 532Teacher Librarian Part One0
AQS 533Integration Comptech Spec0
AQS 534Kindergarten Part 20
AQS 535Mathematics Prim/Jr Spec0
ABQ 536Junior Division0
AQS 537Teacher Librarian Part Two0
AQS 539Guidance & Career Ed Spec0
AQS 540Teacher Librarian Specialist0
AQS 541Mathematics Grades 7 and 80
AQS 542Use & Knowledge of Assistive Technology0
AQS 543Student Assessment & Evaluation0
AQS 544Autism Spectrum Disorders0