Gerontology, Minor

Students completing a minor in gerontology are required to take the core introductory course, GRN 100 Intro to Gerontology, plus four advised electives.

Core Introductory Course
GRN 100Intro to Gerontology3
Select four of the following: 112
Physical Change and Aging
Mental Health and Aging
Supervised Research
Honors Thesis I
and Honors Thesis II
Ethics, Aging, and Society
Gerontology Inter/Co-Op
and Gerontology Intern/Co-Op
and Gerontology Intern/Co-Op
and Gerontology Intern/Co-Op
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Aging
Soc of Family
Sociology of Aging
Sociology of Health
Human Behav & Soc Env 2 2
Death & Dying
Soc Work with Aging
Human Biology
Human Genetics
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
Intro to Oncology
Total Credits15

Other elective courses may be considered, subject to the program director’s approval.


Prereq SWK 211 Human Behav & Soc Envi 1 or PSY 201 Developmental Psychology