Niagara University’s approximately 33,000 alumni have assumed positions in virtually every career area. The many and varied accomplishments of our alumni are a measure of the university’s success in achieving its goal of career preparation.

Significant numbers of graduates are employed in the field of education as teachers, administrators and counselors.

A system of regional alumni chapters exists throughout Canada to foster camaraderie among alumni, as well as to encourage university support. Various social, athletic, and cultural events are held throughout the year by the local chapters. These events include golf tournaments, cocktail parties, dinners, theater events and networking evenings. For information on chapter activities in your area, call the Alumni Engagement Office at 716.286.8787 or email the office at

Another way to find out the latest alumni events and news is the Eagle’s Nest. Located on the web at, the Eagle’s Nest allows alums to connect, network, and update contact information online. The latest alumni events are always on the Eagle’s Nest and alums can go there to check out who’s attending or to register themselves!

The Eagle magazine, published three times a year, is another way that graduates stay informed about university activities. The magazine features news and stories about the university community, as well as a personal message from the university president. In addition, alumni are updated on the activities of their classmates through the “Alumni Notes” feature.

It’s easy for alumni to stay in touch with Niagara University. Whether it’s on the web at the Eagle’s Nest, in person at a chapter event, or via mail with an address change or wedding announcement, Niagara alumni are connected!