Justice and Peace Studies, Minor


The justice and peace studies minor is a interdisciplinary program. It requires the completion of six courses. On completion of the minor program, a certificate in justice and peace studies will be awarded to the student. Students wishing to pursue the minor in justice and peace studies should contact the coordinator.

Course Requirements

Core Courses
REL 357Christian Social Responsibility (Christian Responsibility)3
Any one internship or co-op course involving an experience in a social justice agency. The internship or co-op can be taken in criminal justice, political science, psychology, social work or sociology.3
Select one course from each of four (of the five) groupings below: 112
Group One
Intro to Crim Just
Principles Justice
Comp Criminal Justice
Group Two
Hitler & Third Reich
Global Revolutions
World Wars in Global Context
Black Freedom Movement
Group Three
International Issues
Comparative Govt
Women and the Law
Civil Liberties
Political Development
Revolutions & Leaders
Group Four
Social Problems
Race and Ethnicity
Social Change
Intro Social Work
Intro Soc Srvc & Pol 2
Group Five
Introduction to Media Studies
Media Literacy in the Digital Age
Mass Media and Culture
Film and Culture
Politics and Media
Social Media
Stereotyping in the Media
Introduction to Environmental Studies
Intro to International Studies
Public Policy
Total Credits18

Equivalent courses in each study area may be substituted with the permission of the coordinator.


Prerequisite SWK 100 Intro Social Work or permission of instructor