Campus Activities

An important component of a liberal arts education is participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. As Niagara University is firmly committed to the education of the whole person, students are encouraged to become actively involved in campus life.

Campus Activities personnel create and promote opportunities for involvement. Staff advise student organizations and coordinate on-campus programs. The office also serves as a clearinghouse for information, scheduling and advertisement of campus- wide activities.

The office is responsible for the planning and coordination of social, cultural and educational events, plans summer and fall new student orientation, oversees student government and leadership programs, and works closely with the campus programming board. Personnel also assist residence hall staff in designing a diverse program of activities in the buildings, as well as plan wellness and cultural diversity programs.

Through the Campus Activities Office, approximately 80 student clubs and organizations are made available to the entire student body. These activities engage students professionally as they pursue their major academic interests and personally as they develop their unique talents and interests. Collectively, the various student activities enhance life at NU by offering students an opportunity to experience leadership and to mature as competent men and women.