Social Work, Minor

Five social work courses are required for an undergraduate minor in social work.

Mandatory Courses
SWK 100Intro Social Work 13
SWK 200Intro Soc Srvc & Pol3
SWK 210Diversity & Soc Justice3
Other Courses
Select one of the following:6
Select two social work electives
Complete the human behavior and social environment sequence:
Human Behav & Soc Envi 1 2,3
Human Behav & Soc Env 2 3
Total Credits15

SWK 100 Intro Social Work is a prerequisite for all the social work courses.


BIO 101 Human Biology, SOC 101 Intro Sociology, PSY 101 Introductory Psychology are prerequisites for SWK 211 Human Behav & Soc Envi 1.


SWK 211 Human Behav & Soc Envi 1 is a prerequisite for SWK 212 Human Behav & Soc Env 2.

Minors need to pass the appropriate prerequisites for the social work courses.

Social work minors may not enroll in any social work courses listed under the professional foundation sequence. Social work minors are advised by the program director. The Council on Social Work Education does not accredit minors in social work.