File Reactivation and Readmission Procedures


The files of students who do not register for any courses in one to four consecutive semesters (summer sessions are not included) are deactivated. In order for the student to register in a current semester, it is necessary for the student’s file to be reactivated.

If the student has failed to register for five or more consecutive semesters (summer sessions are not included), the student must file for re-admission into his/her degree program.

Below are the procedures for graduate students to reactivate their file or request readmission into their degree program.

Reactivation of Student File Procedure

To return his/her file to active status, the student must file a Reactivation and Readmission Form in order to continue to register for courses in his/her degree program. On the reactivation form, the student should check the box labeled “file reactivation.”

Readmission Procedure

On the Reactivation and Readmission Form, the student should check the box labeled “readmission.”

Where to Obtain the Form

The Reactivation and Readmission Form is available in the main office of the college in which the student’s program is located in the director’s office.

How to Process the Form

The completed Reactivation and Readmission Form should be returned to the director’s office.