Women’s Studies, Minor

Minor Requirements

The minor requires the completion of five courses, including the introductory course (WMS 200 Intro to Women's Studies), which discusses issues ranging from

  • the history and politics of women’s movements in the USA, women’s roles and contributions in political, social, and economic life;
  • combining career and family;
  • the role of media in shaping images of the body and sexuality;
  • women in developing countries, and the role of the United Nations in establishing a global gender framework;
  • remaining challenges for achieving gender equality in today’s globalized world, and areas of activism and agency for social justice.
Required Course
WMS 200Intro to Women's Studies3
Other Courses
Select four of the following:12
Topic: (Race, Gender, and Class; Prostitution and Human Trafficking; Victimology; Women and Crime)
Seminar in Special Problems in Criminal (Domestic Violence)
Documentary Film
Stereotyping in the Media
Women and Literature in England I
Editing and Collaboration
Grant Writing
Topics in American Literature (American Women Writers)
Women in Art
Francophone Women
American Revolutionary War
Women in American History
Women and the Law
Women in Politics
Feminist Polit. Theory
Psychology of Gender 1
Women in Church & Society
Women in Society
Women's Issues & Soc Wk 2
Topic: (Regular offerings include Pop Culture in America, Black Women Writers, Fairytale and Fantasy, and Women and Music)
Total Credits15

Prerequisite PSY 101 Introductory Psychology


Prerequisite SWK 100 Intro Social Work or permission of instructor

A special topics course on a women-related issue, or an internship or co-op with a women-related focus may be substituted for one of the five required courses. Permission of the coordinator of the women’s studies minor is required for either substitution.