Affirmative Action Policy

Consistent with our Catholic mission, it is the policy of Niagara University that there shall be no discrimination against any individual in educational or employment opportunities because of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, national origin, age, marital status, Vietnam Era or disabled veteran status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristic, or other categories protected by law. Also, there shall be no discrimination based on age, although the university shall abide by provincial and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines with regard to retirement plans and bona fide occupational qualifications. Furthermore, the university maintains an affirmative action program in order to promote equal employment opportunities and to ensure nondiscrimination in all educational programs and activities. All programs that implement this policy are reviewed on an annual basis. For purposes of this affirmative action policy, the term “employment opportunities” applies to all regular full- and part-time positions. Temporary student positions (i.e., those temporary positions awarded to students because of their status as students on a school-year basis or less) are not considered “employment opportunities” for purposes of this policy.

Niagara University accepts the important distinction between affirmative action and equal opportunity. Equal opportunity assumes that the concept of merit, which is based solely upon a person’s ability to perform, will govern all personnel and educational decisions.

Niagara University is committed to attain equal opportunity via affirmative action which requires specific efforts to recruit, admit, employ, and promote members of groups previously excluded such as women, Black Canadians, Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Indigenous Peoples, disabled individuals, and disabled veterans or veterans of the Vietnam era.

The responsibility of overseeing the university’s compliance with affirmative action requirements has been delegated by the president of the university to the director of human resources who will act as the affirmative action officer. Every member of the university community, however, is charged with the responsibility for its realization.