Hotel Restaurant Management (MHR)

MHR 241 —   Foodservice Operations  (3 credits)  

This course places special emphasis on the institutional aspects of food and beverage management in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, motels and clubs. The knowledge necessary to succeed in an entry-level management position in the hospitality industry is presented. Subjects covered include: foodservice sanitation and procedures, tools and equipment, cooking principles, and quality standards. The student will understand production methods for various food types.

MHR 341 —   Food Prep Principles  (4 credits)  

A study of various foods, basic food preparation principles, cooking methods, food storage, equipment, and sanitation. Includes both lab and classroom learning experiences. The classroom component investigates the nature and properties of various food types and the underlying processes that affect food preparation techniques. The lab components include hands on food preparation and experimentation. Requires the purchase of professional kitchen uniform and some supplies.

MHR 343 —   Menu & Food Production  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MHR*341 MHR*388 MHR*398

Students develop the skills needed to plan, produce, and serve meals to customers in a commercial setting. These skills include menu planning, food procurement and production methods, customer service, and marketing. The classroom portion of the course includes a discussion of the importance of menu development and examines how menu decisions affect all other operational decisions. The lab component culminates in the preparation of an actual meal.

MHR 346 —   Mkg Hotels & Restaurts  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take HRT*100

In this course the marketing functions and the delivery systems for hospitality services are examined; explores marketing as a total competitive effort of the firm. It includes human factors of the market, product and market analysis, competitive pricing and methods of approaching the market, with focus on positioning and selling the product. Case studies, interactive methods, and practical application will be used.

MHR 347 —   Mgt Hotel Systems  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take HRT*100

Investigates the integrated functions of front office, housekeeping and other departments, as well as considering their roles individually. Information flows within and between departments, demand forecasting, room pricing strategies, reservations control, front office accounting, and other aspects of hotel operations are examined.

MHR 351 —   Finance & Capital Bdgt  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take HRT*201 HRT*202

An examination of the manner in which firms attempt to increase shareholders wealth through making the correct financial decisions. We will explore how the manner used to acquire capital as well the asset structure can affect the value of the hospitality firm. Methods of analysis are discussed, including cash budgeting, forecasting of revenue and expenses, and capital expenditure.

MHR 359 —   Food Layout & Design  (3 credits)  

The course presents how principles of layout and design can maximize efficiency in food/lodging operations. Relationships and standards of space allocation, work area standards for equipment, dining area, and service area are discussed. Also included are criteria for selection and costs involved in different forms of layout and design.

MHR 365 —   Spa Operations  (3 credits)  

This course is an in-depth look at subjects ranging from the history and cultural development of spas to spa terminology and financial realities. It also examines today's spa industry, and introduces students to spa careers. In addition, it takes students through a typical day from a spa director's perspective, examines the qualities of an outstanding spa experience, and discusses industry trends and future directions. It provides a strong foundation of knowledge for success in the spa industry.

MHR 388 —   Food & Bev Cost Ctrl  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take HRT*201

Food and beverage will be reviewed from both an accounting and a physical asset point of view. The flow of food and beverage from purchasing, to storage, and finally to issuing will be discussed. Inventory techniques and the analysis of appropriate financial ratios will be examined.

MHR 409 —   Club Management  (3 credits)  

Investigates the general administrative procedures and management concepts in seasonal and year-round private clubs by focusing on their unique characteristics and the requirements of the leisure industry. Distinctive aspects such as member ownership and oversight, service excellence, limited market audience, and extensive food and beverage and recreation venues are discussed as operational considerations for managers.

MHR 420 —   Planning: Hotels/Rest  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take 1 group; #; Take MAT*201; #; Take MAT*102

Operations research/management science is studied in order to provide students with the quantitative tools used in solving management problems in the hotel and food service industries. These techniques are then applied through the use of a computer simulation game where groups of students manage competing hotels.

MHR 435 —   Strategic Management  (3 credits)  

The course is designed to allow the student to apply his/her previous course work to the essential activities of strategic formulation and implementation. Emphasis will be placed on strategic considerations as a guide to successfully managing hospitality organizations. The students will be required to apply a strategic framework in order to successfully analyze a series of progressively more challenging industry-related case-studies.

MHR 438 —   Luxury Hotel Mkg & Sales  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite take mhr*346

A comprehensive understanding of the luxury hotel marketing and sales is developed through analyses of the market trends, issues and theories of consumer behavior. Contemporary hotel marketing practices will be presented. Marketing research techniques are introduced in order to demonstrate ways to acquire and retain targeted guests, with emphasis on guest relationship marketing.

MHR 441 —   Topic:  (3 credits)  

A course designed to address and solve a problem pertinent to the field of hotel and/or restaurant management. Group participation is stressed to define and investigate current issues.

MHR 445 —   Adv Hotel Operations  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take MHR*347

This is a senior-level course in advanced hotel operations, internal management and control systems, and service philosophy. It integrates management skills, departmental operations, hospitality law, technology applications, marketing knowledge, and managerial accounting proficiency as student teams manage a complex hotel system in a simulated competitive market environment.

MHR 455 —   Resort/Luxury Management  (3 credits)  

Investigates the general administrative procedures in seasonal and year-round resorts and luxury properties by focusing on their unique characteristics and requirements of the luxury leisure market. Distinctive aspects such as seasonality, demand control, and consumer behavior are discussed as operational considerations for managers. The importance of effective facilities management and financial administration are stressed in this course.

MHR 461 —   Food and Culture  (3 credits)  

The population of the United States and its respective cuisines have always been a melting pot of uncounted ethnic, religious, and regional groups. By understanding and appreciating these differences, the entrepreneur can successfully make decisions about the concept, format, and products necessary to develop a boutique product that reflects a globally based knowledge of food and culture. This will serve to enhance the appeal of the product to those looking for something very different in food, beverage, and lodging.

MHR 474 —   Restaurant Venture Plan  (3 credits)  

The course develops an understanding of the process of conceptualizing, planning, and financing a new, uniquely focused food and beverage operation. Upon completion of the course the student will understand the role that detailed restaurant plans play in the areas of concept development, location, capital procurement, and business plan development.

MHR 484 —   Restaurant Project  (3 credits)  

A hands on, or incubator experience where students take the detailed plan generated in MHR 474 and continue to refine them with the objective of developing a fundable restaurant plan. Students will work with an industry practitioner under the supervision of faculty. Projects will be presented to a team of faculty and successful restaurant entrepreneurs for evaluation.