Middle Childhood and Adolescence Education, Teacher Certification (Grades 5-12)

For students seeking New York state certification in middle childhood and adolescence education. Certification requires an academic concentration/content area:

Foundational Course Requirements
EDU 214Cult & Multicult Found3
EDU 236Human Learn, Dev, Moti3
EDU 239Char of Students With Exceptionalities3
EDU 271Found Literacy Inst3
Methods Course Requirements
EDU 377Literacy Dev Sec Cur3
EDU 452Mid Chld Phi&Pract3
EDU 460Gen Methods Secondary3
Select one of the following:
Methods English
Methods Inter Lang
Methods Inter Lang
Methods Science
Methods Social Studies
Methods Business
Student Teaching Requirements
Select one of the following:
Stu Teaching Eng
Fr Lang Student Tch-70 Day Pr
Math Student Teach-70 Day Pr
Science Stud Teach (70 Day Pr)
Soc Stds Stud Tch (70 Day Pr)
Business Studt Tch-70 Day Pr
EDU 490Prof Seminar in Educ3