Withdrawal From the University

To remain in good standing with the university, all full-time undergraduates seeking to discontinue attendance must officially withdraw in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. The student reports to the academic adviser’s office to begin completion of the required withdrawal form, or submits a request in writing to the Registrar.
  2. Students residing in on-campus housing, those receiving financial aid to include ESL (Emergency Student Loan) funding, and/or those enrolled through ROTC (Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.) or NUOP (Niagara University Opportunity Program) must have the respective offices sign off on the withdrawal form, or have made arrangements with these offices.

Part-time undergraduate and all graduate students must report to the records office to officially withdraw.

Students who officially withdraw during the semester may be entitled to a partial refund. There is no refund of tuition, fees or room after 60 percent of the enrollment period has passed. Details of the refund policies are listed in the financial information section of this catalog.

Students who plan on returning to the university within an academic year can request a special leave of absence.  This form is available through their myNU account.  This leave, if approved, allows students to return to campus within two semesters without having to reapply.  It is not however a formal Leave of Absence that allows students to defer loan payments; a student is considered withdrawn under this special leave.