Grading System

Beginning summer 2012, courses for graduate credit will be graded as follows:

Grade Legend Quality Point
A+ Distinguished 4.00 quality pts.
A Superior 4.00 quality pts.
A- 3.67 quality pts.
B+ Very Good 3.33 quality pts.
B Good 3.00 quality pts.
Quality of work required of all degree candidates
B- 2.67 quality pts.
Somewhat below the quality of work required of degree candidates
C+ 2.33 quality pts.
C 2.00 quality pts.
C- 1.67 quality pts.
F Failure 0.0 quality pts.
S Satisfactory (ungraded)
U Unsatisfactory
N No credit (auditing)
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal

Students must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0 in graduate studies to advance. A student will be subject to review if less than satisfactory grades occur. The grade of Incomplete (I) indicates there is still a possibility of credit, after further work. It is used when the instructor is not prepared to give a definite mark for the term in view either of student illness or some justifiable delay in the completion of certain work. It is not used when failure to meet course requirements is due to delinquency on the part of the student.

An incomplete must be removed within 30 days after the beginning of the next regular semester or be replaced by an F grade.

The grade W (withdrawal) is assigned when a student withdraws from a course after the drop/add period.

Courses for which a student received I, W, N, S or U are not computed in the QPA.

For more information on maintaining eligibility in graduate programs please review the University Policy on Satisfactory Graduate Program Progression.
Graduate students may repeat up to 2 (two) courses previously taken at Niagara University. Under this policy, the student is limited to receiving credit for up to 2 (two) repeated courses in the calculation of his/her cumulative GPA. The grade received for the retake attempt of the course — will be calculated in the student’s cumulative GPA regardless of whether the grade is better or worse than the original grade earned. For full description of this policy, please go to MyNU. Graduate students must repeat any course for which they receive a grade of F.

An overall average of B is required for graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain that all requirements are fulfilled in a degree program.