Identification Cards

Students are expected to carry their ID cards with them at all times. To obtain an ID card, students are asked to go to the IT Helpdesk in the Glynn Hall Annex. The first card is free, and any subsequent card requested will be charged a minimal fee.

ID cards are used to gain entrance into residence halls, student computer labs, and student events. A valid NU ID must be shown at the library and recreational facilities and can be used on campus to purchase food at Clet dining hall and the Gallagher Center snack bar, as well as at vending machines. Several off-campus merchants also accept the ID card for payment. Please see the Help Desk for a current list of these merchants. The ID card can also be used to purchase books and other items at the campus store.

Loss of an ID card or any problems with one should be reported immediately. Temporary cards are not issued. Replacement fees for a card are nonrefundable. However, if students find their original cards, they may have them reactivated free of charge.

Services such as the library copy machine, beverage and snack vending machines, campus store, and Gallagher Center allow students to put money on their cards. This can be done at the student accounts office, or on the web at

Off-Campus Merchant Program

The Niagara University Student ID can be used to make purchases at selected local establishments. Students put money on their card through Student Accounts (either through cash or charge cards). The funds must be deposited to the Campus Funds account (not dining or bookstore accounts).

The Campus Funds on your student ID will work as a debit card and provide a sound alternative to the financial issues related to bank and credit cards. There are no hidden fees, no chance to overdraft, and no debt from using your ID off-campus.

A list of participating establishments is located at