Academic Services

Academic Services

The Division of Academic Services within Academic Affairs includes the Academic Success Center, the Academic Exploration Program (AEP), and the Office of the Dean of Academic Services. A division that is collaborative across sectors and unites Niagara University’s five colleges and the Academic Exploration Program (AEP) to promote student engagement, academic success, and retention.

Academic Services’ cross-collaborative mission reflects the Catholic and Vincentian traditions by providing programs and services that respond compassionately to student needs. They serve as academic coaches, advisors, mentors, teachers, and tutors that create opportunities for students to discover their interests, develop their academic skills, and persist toward graduation.

Academic Exploration Program

Academic Exploration Program provides a learning experience using resources from all areas on campus through individualized guidance. AEP creates an environment that fosters self-discovery. Students participate in the exploration process in order to select a major that supports their career goals.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center contributes to the students’ academic achievement and fosters their independence as learners through teaching, tutoring, academic mentoring and supporting students with disabilities.

Career Services

Career Services offers programs and resources to support students and alumni in developing and achieving their career objectives. Students are encouraged to proactively engage with the Career Services staff throughout their time at Niagara. Career decision-making, job search skill development, internships, and student employment. Career Services integrates current technology with personal contact, enabling students and alumni to build the skills and relationships they need for professional success.


Internships are one example of Niagara’s commitment to active integrative learning. They are closely aligned with the curriculum and can be either paid or non-paid. Niagara’s internship program is an effective means of exploring and evaluating career interests, and developing skills for professional life. Students are encouraged to consider internship opportunities and plan early with their academic advisor and Career Services to maximize their internship success.

Student Employment

Student Employment is an opportunity to earn income during the school year, explore career options and develop skills employers seek. Federal Work study placements as well as all other on-campus student employment is managed by the Office of Career Services.

Niagara University Opportunity Program
Arthur O. Eve HEOP

The Niagara University Opportunity Program (NUOP) makes higher education possible for students who are both academically underprepared and economically disadvantaged New York state residents. They provide a full range of academic and financial support services to ensure they develop their potential and succeed at Niagara University. Students interested in this program should check the box on the undergraduate admissions application form.

Accessibility Services

Any student with a documented disability is eligible to receive reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis as stipulated under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended in 2008, and other pertinent state and federal regulations. The purpose of accommodations and modifications is to reduce or eliminate any disadvantages that may exist because of an individual’s disability.

The purpose of accommodations and modifications is to reduce or eliminate any disadvantage that may exist because of an individual's disability. Services for students with disabilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic accommodations:
    • Alternate format of textbooks
    • Note-takers
    • Testing accommodations (e.g., extended time, separate location, readers)
  • Advocacy
  • Assistive Technology, such as screen readers, voice input
  • Liaison with faculty, local, state, federal, and/or provincial agencies
  • Progress conferencing: individual meetings with staff for academic coaching
  • Registration and scheduling assistance

Individuals with disabilities seeking accommodations, adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids and services must contact and provide documentation of disability to:

Accessibility Services
Academic Success Center, Seton Hall
P.O. Box 1915
Niagara University, N.Y. 14109
716.286.8541 • Fax: 716.286.8063

A student with a disability is responsible for disclosing and documenting the current substantial limitation(s) they are likely to have in the university setting. Documentation must be submitted from a qualified professional and must support the student’s need for accommodations/services. Eligibility for reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be determined on an individual basis. Depending on the disability and the type of assistance requested, a student may be referred to additional university service providers as needed.