Withdrawal/Refund Policies


Refund of Tuition

A student officially withdraws from the university when he/she writes a letter or sends an email from their Niagara email account to his/her dean stating his/her intention to withdraw. The following are refund policies for withdrawal from the university.

Complete Withdrawal

The refund will be based on the number of weeks remaining in the semester at the date of withdrawal. Niagara will follow the chart below to determine the correct amount of tuition refund. A $100 administrative fee as provided by law will reduce the calculated refund. If a student registers for a class, does not attend or drop the course, an automatic administration fee can be charged up to $500, if the student subsequently requests to have the course backdated. The percent refunded shall be applied to tuition and semester fees.

Course Revision

If a student should decide to withdraw from a course after the drop/add period and add another course, he/she will be refunded for the course dropped according to the following schedule and will be charged the full hourly tuition rate for the course added.

Course Revision Refund
During drop/add period 100%
First week after drop/add period 90%
Second week after drop/add period 80%
Third week after drop/add period 60%
Fourth week after drop/add period 40%
Fifth week after drop/add period 20%
Sixth week after drop/add period 0%

The official withdrawal date is determined using the following criteria:

  • Date student began Niagara’s withdrawal process or date student otherwise provided official notice
  • Date related to circumstance beyond student’s control

Committee on Refunds

An appeal for refund of tuition, room and board may be made to the Committee on Refunds provided that continued attendance and/or residence by the student is made impossible by reasons of serious illness (supported by a doctor’s certificate) or by changes in conditions of the student’s employment (supported by the employer’s certificate) or other emergencies which, in the opinion of the committee, are clearly beyond the control of the student.

An application for refund may be filed in person or by mail in the records office and must be made in writing on the form provided for that purpose. If the student is prevented by illness or distance from obtaining the regular form of such application, he/she should address a letter to the records office indicating the courses to be dropped and carefully explaining his/her reasons, together with supporting certifications. (See the section on withdrawal from the university for proper procedures.)