Primary/Junior Division

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6

For individuals who are not certified teachers, this 60 credit-hour program leads to initial certification in primary/junior education in Ontario (junior kindergarten-grade 6). Upon completion of this program, graduates will hold a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in teacher education.


  • Baccalaureate degree with sufficient content core and liberal arts and sciences studies
  • Ability to pursue full-time study with day and evening courses each week
  • Other admissions criteria stated elsewhere

Program Requirements

  • Field experiences: 75 clock-hours in first semester, 75 clock-hours in 18 full days in the second semester
  • Portfolio requirement

Schedule of Courses

  • Five courses (15 credit hours) in first semester
  • Five courses (15 credit hours) in second semester
  • Four courses (15 credit hours) in third and fourth semester (practicum semesters with each practicum = six credit hours)

Primary/Junior Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
EDU 423 Found & Legal Prin/Edu in Ont 3
EDU 430 Methods of Primary and Junior 3
EDU 436 Human Dev Learn & Motiv 3
EDU 439 Teach Students W/Spec Needs 3
EDU 448 Foundations of Literacy 3
Second Semester
EDU 431 Methods-Teach Math and Science 3
EDU 432 Methods of Teach Health/Pe/Art 3
EDU 433 Methods-Teach SS and LA 3
EDU 451 Assessment of Learning 3
EDU 498 Instructional Technology 3
Third Semester
EDU 417 Prof Seminar Primary/Junior Edu 3
EDU 425 Methods in Early Learning 3
EDU 447 Prim Junior Practicum 1 6
EDU 495 Intro to Edu Res & Stat 3
Fourth Semester
EDU 449 Primary-Junior Practicum 2 6
EDU 490 Prof Seminar in Educ 3
Select two of the following: 1 6
Foundations of Catholic Education  
Diversity Equity and Inclusion  
Assessment in Spe Ed  
Lit Principles/Practice in P/J  
 Total Credits60

Three additional electives to be determined

Catholic candidates who wish to teach in a catholic school board are required to take the Foundations of Catholic Education pre-service course, EDU 420 Foundations of Catholic Education.