Writing Studies, Minor


The writing studies minor provides advanced instruction in rhetoric and writing in both creative and professional contexts. Writing studies courses sharpen students’ rhetorical, written communication, information literacy, and document design skills.


Students must take three required courses which cover various aspects of writing studies:

  • Methods of Writing Studies
  • Business Communication
  • Media Writing

Students are also required to take three additional courses listed below and are strongly encouraged to complete an internship. Students pursuing Writing Studies minors who are majors in English or Communication Studies must make sure that they take three courses with prefixes that are not the same as ones in their major; please contact the coordinator for assistance if necessary. Students wishing to pursue the program should contact the coordinator, Erin Karper, at ekarper@niagara.edu.

Course Requirements
Core Courses
ENG 231Business Communication3
CMS 120Media Writing3
WRT 261Methods of Writing Studies3
Elective Courses
Select three of the following:9
Digital Journalism
Creative Non-Fiction
Specialty Journalism
Investigation and Reporting for the
Special Topics (Writing-Focused)
Creative Writing
Poetry Writing
Special Topics in Web Writing
Studies in Rhetorical Theory
Science Writing
Visual Rhetoric
Ethnography and Travel Writing
Grant Writing
Teaching Composition
English Grammar: Theory and Practice
English Internship/Co-op
English Internship/Co-op
English Internship/Co-op
English Internship/Co-op
Course(s) approved by the minor coordinator
Total Credits18