Japanese (JPN)

JPN 101 —   Elementary Japanese I  (CD)  (3 credits)  

Basic course in Japanese emphasizing skills in oral and written communication with an introduction to the culture and civilization of Japan. Open to students with no previous study of Japanese or with the permission of the chair of the department of foreign languages.

JPN 102 —   Elementary Japanese II  (CD)  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite Take JPN*101

Course continues to develop the four basic functions of language: speaking, understanding, reading, and writing, while stressing vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The culture of Japan will also form the content of the course.

JPN 200 —   Japanese Popular Culture  (CD)  (3 credits)  

A general introduction to Japan's distinct cultural identity, as represented in its poetry, prose fiction, cinema, arts, and folklore. This course will also compare important cultural differences between the United States and Japan in the domains of business etiquette and social conventions. This course is taught in English This course cannot be used to satisfy a foreign language requirement.