Development Disabilities Prog (DDP)

DDP 638 —   Community Interrelationships  (3 credits)  
DDP 701 —   Dev Disabilities: an Overview  (3 credits)  

This introductory course focuses on an overall introduction to individuals with developmental disabilities (life-long and manifesting themselves prior to age 22). Within a broad scope, topics cover historical factors and attitudes, specific developmental disabilities, causes, legislation, specialized services and supports, education, vocational training and life-span planning. 25 hours of field work are an additional requirement in this course.

DDP 721 —   Fam Life Ind Liv Ind W/Disab  (3 credits)  

This course addresses the challenges transition to adult life pose for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. The goal of independent living will be explored through the integration and collaboration of various resources including the individual, the family, the school, support systems and the community. Advocacy and self-determination will a focus of this course.

DDP 795 —   Agency Practicum  (3 credits)  

This course is designed to enable the future specialist in developmental disabilities to expand competencies in human services. Candidates will work with a university supervisor as they perform the day-o-day activities in an agency that serves individuals with developmental disabilities. Candidates will complete a minimum of 250 hours in the practicum.