Romance Languages, Major

Liberal Arts: Concentration Romance Languages

Required Courses
LAT 101
LAT 102
Elem Latin I
and Elem Latin II (designated AS distribution)
Five courses in primary concentration: SPA or FRE15
Three courses in secondary concentration: SPA, FRE, or ITA9
Three courses in third concentration: SPA, FRE, or ITA9
LAM 499Senior Seminar3-6
or LAM 403
LAM 404
Honors Thesis I
and Honors Thesis II
Total Credits42-45

Student must reach advanced proficiency in French and/or Spanish.

Student may only take one course in translation: (FRE 200 Francophone Women/SPA 200 Hispanic Women Writers in English/ITA 200 Italian Culture).

(See the Liberal Arts section of the catalog, page 110).