Communication and Media Studies, B.A. - Concentration in Digital Media Production

B.A. Requirements

Liberal Arts Requirement
NUB 102NU Beginnings 11
General Education
Foundation Courses27
Distribution Courses33
Major Requirement
CMS 100Introduction to Media Studies3
CMS 120Media Writing3
CMS 200Media Theory3
CMS 222Digital Journalism3
CMS 245Digital Media Production3
CMS 330Research Methods3
CMS 345Video Production and Laboratory4
CMS 395Mass Communications Law3
CMS 460Senior Seminar3
Media Writing Elective3
CMS Electives15
Advised Electives15
Total Credits122

All Niagara University students entering as freshmen are required to take the one credit Niagara University Beginning seminar course (NUB 102 NU Beginnings) in addition to the 20 general education requirements.

Concentration Requirements

Media Writing Electives (2)
CMS 220Documentary Script Writing3
CMS 221Screenwriting3
CMS 222Digital Journalism3
CMS Electives (3)
CMS 340Photography3
CMS 440Advanced Photography3
CMS 445Advanced Video Production3
CMS 491Internship (production-related internship)3
Advised Electives
ENG 346Visual Rhetoric3
CIS 190Web Design3
CIS 290Web Programming3
ENG 342Special Topics in Web Writing3