1. All students must register each term in which courses are taken.
  2. Registration takes place at the time noted in the graduate course schedule. All returning students must edit their profile prior to every registration session. Log in to your myNU located on the home page,
  3. Certain graduate courses are open to qualified undergraduates for undergraduate credit, provided the undergraduates have the approval of their dean. Generally, this applies to seniors only, and requires the written permission of the dean.
  4. After students have registered for research direction for a thesis or a capstone project, they should promptly consult with the departmental chairperson concerning the assignment of a director for the thesis or project. Once the director has been assigned, the student should take the initiative in arranging for regular conferences.
  5. Students who wish to add or drop courses after registration may do so during the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester. No charge is incurred when the student drops a course before the first class meets. Dropping one class and adding another class results in no charge during the drop/add period. A student should contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office or relevant graduate division office for drop/add dates.