Law and Jurisprudence, Minor

The law and jurisprudence minor is an interdisciplinary minor with three (3) required courses among the law-related courses in political science and three (3) elective courses from other departments.

Course Requirements

Three political science courses, from two different course areas, are required for the minor.

Area One
Required Course
POL 203Introduction to Law (Required)3
Area Two
Political Science Courses
Select two of the following:6
Women and the Law
Constitutional Law
Civil Liberties
Amer Judic Process
International Law
Topic: (Civil Rights, Mental Health Law, Healthcare Law and Policy, Environmental Law)
Area Three
Select three of the following: 19
Mass Communications Law
Principles Justice
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
History of England to 1688
Modern Britain
Black Freedom Movement
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Public Speaking
Total Credits18

A special topics course on law-related issue may be substituted for one of the three electives listed above. Permission of the director of the pre-law program is required for substitution.