Inequality, Race, and Justice Minor

 As our nation grapples with racial injustice people are considering new ways to elevate those who have been marginalized. This involves changing norms and how organizations function. It also involves greater awareness and understanding of our history, political system, and criminal justice apparatus. Students with a minor in Inequality, Race, and Justice will be better positioned to take roles in leadership and be among the innovators who will work for change and social justice both within and beyond established institutions. The minor consists of a total of five courses from multiple departments.

Choose three from the following
SOC 325Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 304Sociology of Deviance3
SOC 312Social Stratification3
SOC 328Social Change3
SOC 303Social Problems3
Choose two electives from two different departments listed below
HIS 273African American Survey3
HIS 346Black Freedom Movement3
POL 241Public Policy3
POL 355Civil Liberties3
CRJ 265Principles Justice3
CRJ 375Alternatives Incarceration3