Nursing, Pre-Licensure Program (Four-year and ASDBS Accelerated)

The pre-licensure program has two tracks:  a traditional and an accelerated second degree option.

Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This is a four-year program of study that combines specialized nursing courses with a liberal arts general education core, and includes clinical experiences with partnering health care agencies.

Accelerated Nursing (ASDBS)

The Accelerated Nursing Program is for individuals who have received a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science from an accredited university/college and wish to pursue a career in nursing. This rigorous program runs from January to January and requires full-time student status.

General Education Requirements Four-year Program
NUB 102NU Beginnings 11
Foundation Courses27
Distribution Courses33
Non-Nursing Major Requirements Four-year Program
BIO 212
BIO 213L
and Microbiology Lab
BIO 231
BIO 233L
Anatomy & Physiology I
and Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
BIO 232
BIO 233L
Anatomy & Physiology II
and Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
PSY 201Developmental Psychology3
MAT 102Intro Statistics3
Nursing Major Requirements Four-year and ASDBS Accelerated Program
NUR 315General Pathophysiology3
NUR 350Nursing Concepts I3
NUR 350LIntro to Nursing Clinic Skills1
NUR 352The Developing Family3
NUR 353Care of Developing Family3
NUR 354Health Assessment and Promotion3
NUR 354LHealth Assessment Lab1
NUR 355Building Healthy Communities3
NUR 356Nursing Implications / Drug Therapy3
NUR 372Individual With Health Needs3
NUR 376Foundations of Professional Nursing3
NUR 399Clinical Care of Individual3
NUR 430Mental Health Nursing3
NUR 450Research Process for Evidence Based Care3
NUR 460Complex Patient Centered Care3
NUR 461Clin Care Complx Disease Mngt3
NUR 463Nursing in Community Health3
NUR 468Information Technology: Tool for Health (ASDBS)3
or CIS 468 Info Technology for Health
NUR 474Principles of Leadership3
NUR 485Internship3
Total Credits138

All Niagara University students entering as freshmen are required to take the Niagara University Beginning seminar course (NUB 102 NU Beginnings) in addition to the 20 general education requirements (courses).