English (ENG)

ENG 510 —   Intro to Academic Writing  (3 credits)  

Introduces students to common genres, methods, and approaches for academic writing at the graduate level such as literature reviews, conference papers and presentations, and academic articles. Emphasizes that academic norms, styles, and standards vary by discipline; assists students in determining appropriate ones for their chosen discipline(s).

ENG 545 —   Science Writing  (H)  (3 credits)  

This course examines the forms of communication undergirding science. Students analyze and write in a variety of scientific genres as they learn the rhetorical dynamics of research. Emphasis is also placed on the public understanding of science, including representations of science in fine art and film.

ENG 546 —   Visual Rhetoric  (H)  (3 credits)  
Prerequisite take wrt*100

Students analyze and synthesize the rhetorical principles by which visuals are produced and used to inform, educate, advocate, and persuade. Students also consider the cultural contexts for visual communication, how visuals work with other forms of communication, and the ethical implications of how visuals are used for rhetorical purposes.

ENG 548 —   Ethnography and Travel Writing  (CD)  (3 credits)  

This course focuses on nonfiction writing about culture. Students use participant-observation and interviewing as tools for developing vivid characters, scenes, dialog, and story elements, while reading Latin American and Hispanic ethnography for exemplars. Emphasis is placed on writing that promotes cultural awareness and understanding of the changing American demographic.