Social Work, B.A.

General Education Requirement
NUB 102NU Beginnings 11
Foundation Courses27
Select 33 credits of Distribution Courses.33
All majors are required to enroll in the following:
Human Biology (NS)
Intro Statistics (AS)
Preprofessional Foundation Sequence
SWK 100Intro Social Work3
SOC 101Intro Sociology3
PSY 101Introductory Psychology3
SWK 200Intro Soc Srvc & Pol3
SWK 211Human Behav & Soc Envi 13
SWK 212Human Behav & Soc Env 23
SWK 210Diversity & Soc Justice3
Social work elective (200 level)3
SWK 310Basic Helping Skills (This is a pivotal course between the Preprofessional Foundation Sequence and the Professional Foundation Sequence, in which students complete an application to the Professional Foundation Sequence. In December of each year, following the completion of courses, the Social Work Department faculty meet to review the applications and to determine whether or not a student is ready to move forward into the Professional Foundation Sequence. More information can be found in the Social Work Department Student Handbook. A link to the handbook can be found on the NU Social Work Department's main web page.)3
Professional Foundation Sequence
SWK 300Social Policy Analysis3
SWK 320Practice Methods I3
SWK 330Social Work Research Methods3
SWK 420Practice Methods II3
SWK 425Field Seminar I3
SWK 426Field Seminar II3
SWK 427Field Practicum I3
SWK 428Field Practicum II3
Social work elective (300 level)3
Advised elective3
Total Credits118

All Niagara University students entering as freshmen are required to take the one credit Niagara University Beginning seminar course (NUB 102 NU Beginnings) in addition to the 20 general education requirements.