Transfer Students and Transfer Credits

Transcripts of transfer students are evaluated by the dean of the division that the student wishes to enter and also by the major department. The total number of semester hours, or their equivalent, accepted for transfer credit is decided by the dean.

A transfer student must successfully complete all the Niagara University degree requirements either through course units completed at the university or those accepted for transfer. At least one-half of the requirements in the major ordinarily must be taken at Niagara University.

Students enrolled at Niagara University who want to take a course at another educational institution must complete a permission form and have the approval of both their academic adviser and their dean. An official transcript of the course grade must be sent to the dean of the student’s college.

Niagara University has transfer agreements with several two-year and four-year colleges and universities. Please contact the admissions office at Niagara or the transfer counselor at your present institution for more information.

The philosophy and religious studies requirements for transfer students are based on the total number of credits accepted by the dean for transfer. The following chart indicates these requirements.

Number of Semester Hours Accepted for Transfer Credits Philosophy Requirements Religious Studies Requirements
0-23 PHI 105, PHI 206, 300-level elective 3 courses1
24-47 PHI 105, PHI 206 2 courses1
more than 47 PHI 105 1 course1

Transfer students are required to take a REL 100-level course unless they have been granted transfer credit in religious studies.