Art History with Museum Studies, B.A.

General Education Requirement
NUB 102NU Beginnings 11
Foundation Courses27
Distribution Courses33
Major Requirement
Art History Courses
AHM 230Prehistoric to Gothic Art3
AHM 23114th to 19th Century Art3
AHM 20119th Century Art3
AHM 20220th Century Art3
Select two of the following required art history electives:6
Latin American Art of the 20th Century
Women in Art
Pstmdrn to Cont Art 1960-2000
Renaissance Art & Culture
Folklore in America
Independent Study Art History
Philosophy of Art
Religion and Art
Museum Studies Courses
AHM 252Intro to Museum Studies3
Select three of the following required museum studies electives:9
Intro Develop for Non Profits
Educ Role of Museums
Exhibiting Cultures
Museum Internship
Other Courses
AHM 430Sr Seminar/Capstone3
Select nine advised electives27
Total Credits121

All Niagara University students entering as freshmen are required to take the one credit Niagara University Beginning seminar course (NUB 102 NU Beginnings) in addition to the 20 general education requirements.