Master of Business Administration

MBA Curriculum

Block I
MBA Foundation Courses
ACC 505Financial and Management Accounting3
MGT 515Analysis of Quantitative Data3
ECO 525Economics for Managers3
LAW 560Law and Business Ethics3
MGT 565Communications for Executives3
MGT 570Management Principles3
Block II
Core Courses (Required)
ACC 601Strategic Accounting Analysis and3
or ACC 685 CPA Research Strategy & Planning
MGT 611Decision Modeling & Analytics3
MKG 631Strategic Marketing3
FIN 610Financial Management3
MGT 651Strategic MIS3
MGT 670People in Organizations3
Block III
Restricted Elective
Select one of the following:3
Project Management
Productions and Operation Management
Strategic Supply Chain Management Required for the Global Business and Supply Chain Concentration, and the Online Strategic Management Concentration
CPA Research Strategy & Planning
Block IV
Select one of the following Concentrations or complete Additional Electives:9
Concentration (Elective) Courses
Additional electives beyond required coursework
Study Abroad (Prerequisite: permission of director)
Topic: (Prerequisite: permission of director)
MBA Co-op (up to three credits) (Prerequisite: permission of director.)
Block V
Capstone Course (Final Course)
Prerequisite: must have completed 30 credit hours at time of registration
MGT 691Business Research Strategy and Planning3
ACC 682Topic: (Advanced Management Accounting)3
Total Credits54

Accounting Concentration

ACC 601Strategic Accounting Analysis and3
Elective Courses
ACC 602Advanced Business Tax Strategy3
ACC 603Advanced Accounting Theory3
ACC 604Advanced Auditing3
ACC 685CPA Research Strategy & Planning3
MGT 682Topic:3

Strategic Marketing Management Concentration

MKG 631Strategic Marketing3
Elective Courses
MKG 632Communication Strategy3
MKG 633Marketing Engineering3
MKG 634Global Marketing3
MGT 683MBA Co-op6

Healthcare Administration Concentration

MPH 663Mgmt/Policy in Health Care3
MPH 668Strategic Mgt in Healthcare3
ACC 664Fin & Man Accounting in Healthcare3

Finance Concentration

FIN 610Financial Management3
Elective Courses
FIN 643Corporate Financial Policy3
FIN 644Investments3
FIN 645International Finance3

Human Resource Management Concentration

MGT 675Strategic Human Resource Management3
MGT 677Organizational Development3
MGT 678Labor and Industrial Relations3

Global Business and Supply Chain Concentration

MGT 676International Management3
MGT 655Global Transportation Systems3
MGT 654Global Sourcing & Risk Mgt3

International Management Concentration

FIN 645International Finance3
MGT 676International Management3
ECO 621Global Economic Perspective3

Strategic Management and Strategic Management Online Concentration

MGT 672Creative Problem Solving *3
MGT 673Productions and Operation Management3
or MGT 674 Strategic Supply Chain Management
MGT 675Strategic Human Resource Management3
MGT 677Organizational Development *3
MGT 679Data & KM in Digital Econ *3

Required for the online concentration

General Business Concentration

Student selects, with the MBA director, three 600-level elective courses to create his/her own concentration.