Classification of Students and Courses

Classification of Students

  1. Matriculated students are those who have received from the dean written acceptance into a program leading to a master’s degree and/or advanced certificate program.
  2. Nonmatriculated students are those who are not requesting admission into any program, or who are awaiting a decision concerning their admission. Once admitted to nonmatriculated status by the dean, they may register for courses for which they are qualified. No more than six credit hours earned as a nonmatriculant student may be applied to any program.
  3. Auditor is a term applied to matriculated or nonmatriculated students when they register for a particular course but not for credit. When students are auditors in a particular course, they are expected to attend classes, but are not responsible for assignments or examinations.
  4. Special students are undergraduate students completing their baccalaureate degree program who plan to matriculate into a graduate program.

Classification of Courses

In some divisions, courses numbered 501-599 are open to advanced and qualified undergraduates and to graduates. A qualified undergraduate student may register in one of these courses only with the written permission of the appropriate dean. Courses numbered 600-999 are open only to graduate students and those seniors who are in a five-year graduate program.