Statistics, Minor

Statistics is an increasingly important tool in many different fields such as psychology, social work, criminal justice, biology, political science, law, sociology, business, marketing, finance, and accounting. A minor in statistics is an excellent way to distinguish yourself when applying for graduate school or employment.

The statistics minor consists of six units:

  • two introductory courses
  • a core course
  • an elective
  • a research methods course
  • an internship

For several majors, two or more of these courses are already required courses.

A. Introductory Statistics Sequence
Select one of the following:6
Intro Statistics
and Using Computer-Rsrch
Business Statistics I
and Business Analytics
Prob and Stat I
and Probability and Statistics II 1
Intro Statistics
and Statistics for Psych
Statistics for Psych
and Using Computer-Rsrch
B. Core Statistics Course
STA 301Linear Models3
C. Elective
STA 305Nonparametric Statistics3
or GIS 100 Introduction to Geographic Information
D. Research Methods Course
Select one of the following: 23
Research Methods
Marketing Research
Research Methods
Social Work Research Methods
Resrch Mthds-Pol Sci
Research Methods
Introduction to Geographic Information
Another course approved by the supervisor of the statistics minor.
E. Internship
STA 499Statistics Internship 33
Total Credits18

Note: MAT 335 Prob and Stat I/MAT 336 Probability and Statistics II requires MAT 111 Calculus I/MAT 112 Calculus II


If a student does not have a research methods course in their major, the student can take a research methods course from a different department.


With permission of the supervisor of the statistics minor, this course may be substituted with a 300/400 level course in the student’s major, provided the student will be completing a project or thesis that contains statistical research. This project can be a requirement for the course or it can be an extra project. The project/thesis should be presented publicly, and a member of the STA faculty should be informed of the presentation.