Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships


Application Procedures

Contact the ROTC office on campus at 716.286.8235/8230 or

Selection of Recipients and Allocation of Awards

Students must meet certain academic, physical, and medical standards, be interviewed by military and university officials and be willing to serve as an Army Officer on active or reserve duty after graduation.

Award Schedule

Four and three year full tuition scholarships are awarded to high school seniors selected from an order of merit list. Freshmen and sophomore students can compete for four, three and two-year on campus ROTC full tuition scholarships. Scholarship recipients receive full payment of tuition and fees, $1200 annually for text books, plus a monthly stipend of $350 (freshmen) up to $500 (seniors) for up to 10 months of the academic year while on scholarship (tax free). Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarships (GRFD) are also available to qualified students. These scholarships guarantee that the student will serve in reserve forces and not on active duty. The benefits are the same as the regular ROTC scholarship.

Rights and Responsibilities of Recipients

Must be willing to serve in the Army a total of eight years; with the regular ROTC scholarship, you have the option to serve up to four years on active duty and the remainder in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) or eight years in the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) or Army National Guard (ARNG). Entry into active duty after graduation may be deferred to obtain an advanced degree at the student’s or Army’s expense for qualified individuals.

Niagara University-Funded Incentives for Recipients of Army ROTC Scholarships

All students receiving a Niagara University incentive for ROTC must file each year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA), and if a New York state resident, the TAP application.

All incentives are funded through NU’s academic scholarship programs, depending upon which scholarship the student qualifies for upon enrollment. The incentive then serves as the guaranteed scholarship amount. Room and Board scholarships are considered taxable income to the student.

Four-Year Full Tuition ROTC Scholarship

Niagara University covers on campus room and board charges (double room rate). The incentive is funded through NU’s scholarship programs and is less any Federal Pell Grant award. Should a student move off campus or assume a resident assistant position, the NU incentive for room and board charges will be terminated. Fifty percent of the applicable room waiver (no board allowance) can be used toward NU apartment housing.

Three-Year Full Tuition Advance Designee

Same as four-year ROTC scholarship during years two through four. During freshmen year only, students may qualify for NU’s regular scholarship programs.

Three-Year and Two-Year On-Campus ROTC Scholarships

Same as four-year ROTC scholarship during the years the student receives the ROTC scholarship. If a student is already receiving a scholarship from NU at the time of this award, this incentive serves as the scholarship award during the years the student receives the ROTC scholarship.