A number of postsecondary schools in western New York have formed the Western New York Consortium. Students at any of these schools may cross-register for courses at other member schools. This program was devised in order to offer students an opportunity to broaden their educational experience and also to provide a wider spectrum of courses without undue expense to the individual member schools.

The principal conditions to be met are:

  1. The cross-registrant must be a full-time, matriculated student at the home school.
  2. The course offered at the host school must be unavailable at the home school. The tuition rates are those of the home school and are paid to the home school. Any credits earned at the host school are entered on to the home school’s transcript as though the course were actually taken at the home school.

Niagara University has determined that students cross-registering from another university into NU courses will be allowed to earn a maximum of six credits at NU. Niagara University students cross-registering into other schools are subject to the particular regulations of the host school.

Niagara University students wishing to participate in this program should consult their adviser and the registrar.