Student Classifications

Student classifications;

  • Matriculated students are those who have registered for a degree program at Niagara University.
  • Nonmatriculated students are those who register without reference to a degree from Niagara University.
    Both these groups of students are required to satisfy university regulations including those relative to registration, advanced registration, class attendance, scholarship, examinations, and fees in order to receive official certification for the satisfactory completion of courses attended.
    Niagara faculty members provide excellent advisement to assist students with course selection; however, students are primarily responsible for the planning that ensures the completion of all graduation requirements.
  • Full-time students are those who register for a minimum of four course units or a minimum of 12 semester hours per semester in the spring or fall. During each summer session, the maximum allowed is two courses.
    Exceptions in excess of six course units in fall or spring and two in each summer session must be authorized by the dean. Automatic exception is made for students accepted into the three-year accelerated degree program and for audited course units; all other cases, including tutorial arrangements, must be approved by the dean on an individual basis.
  • Part-time students are those who register for fewer than four course units or fewer than 12 semester hours in a fall or spring semester. Students registered for less than 12 semester hours are not charged the student government or general fees and are not entitled to the benefits of various student activities or services.
  • Auditors are students who attend classes, whose work is not subject to review by the instructor, and who receive no credit at the completion of the course. An audit must be declared at the time of registration.
  • Special students are those who pursue courses at Niagara University with the intention of having grades earned in those courses forwarded to the college or university from which they have been granted a leave of absence or have been granted permission to pursue courses at Niagara University. Special students need not supply transcripts of their high school or college grades. A letter from the dean or registrar of their college or university granting them permission to pursue courses at Niagara University must be filed with the director of admissions at Niagara University at the time of registration.

Classification of Matriculated Students

Year Sem. Hrs.1
Freshman 0-23
Sophomore 24-47
Junior 48-83
Senior 84 or more

Semester hours accepted by the university toward a degree.