Tuition, Fees, Room and Board

Fee Amount
Tuition for full-time undergraduates $17,700 per semester

Normal full-time semester program equals 15-credit hours. A student must be enrolled in at least 12-credit hours to be considered full-time. Students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be assessed an additional tuition charge of $1,175 per credit hour.

In calculating the overall cost of a degree program, it is important to remember that some majors require more than the standard 120 credit hours, and some majors require students to take more than 18 credit hours in a semester. Students enrolled in these programs may incur additional charges at the per-credit-hour rate. Students may also incur additional charges for non-credit developmental courses. Likewise, students should know that some majors require additional fees. Please check the hour requirements of your major before determining your costs and fees.

Canadian Exchange

As a binational university, Niagara University recognizes its legacy of educating students from the United States and Canada, and wants to help students manage currency exchange when attending Niagara. For that reason, Canadian students attending Niagara University are able to pay in Canadian funds.

We add a Canadian exchange surcharge to your out-of-pocket costs, to allow payment in Canadian funds. You must use this website to make your payments:  Any other payment portal will be in U.S. funds.

Fee Amount
Tuition per semester hour if registered in 1-11 hours $1,175
Audit tuition per semester hour (nonrefundable) $115
Room per semester $2,975
Single room rates per semester:
Single by design
Single by choice
Student Apartments
Academic year — $11,600
Damage Deposit $100

Tuition per semester hour if registered in 1-11 hours: Tuition per semester hour for part-time undergraduates is charged at a reduced rate for a part-time program of less than 12-credit hours (fall and spring semester only). Refer to continuing education brochure for summer rates.

Room per semester: Returning students pay a $300 pre-registration housing deposit on an annual basis. The deposit will be credited towards the room and board charges on the first fall bill. If a student withdraws from Niagara University and requests a refund, by May 31, the housing deposit will be refunded. Otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.

The room fee per semester is for a double or triple occupancy room. Choose one of the following board options:

  • Carte Blanche — Unlimited entrances into the dining facilities per week and eight guest tickets per semester with a $100 declining balance account; which can be used at the Clet dining facility or the Gallagher Center.
  • Purple Plan—Up to 12 entrances into the dining facilities per week and six guest tickets per semester with a $250 declining balance account; which can be used at the Clet dining facility or the Gallagher Center.

Moving from residence halls to the apartments during a semester: If a student transfers from a residence hall to an apartment during a semester and they have used more Gallagher Gold dollars or meals than the prorated charges, they may be liable for the difference.

Student Apartments: Returning students pay a $300 deposit annually for an apartment which is credited towards your apartment charges on your first fall bill.

Damage Deposit: The damage deposit is a one-time fee charged to a student’s account once they have room and board or apartment charges. This balance must be maintained as long as a student continues their residency status. Damage charges will be assessed by the Office of Residence Life based on reports made by residence hall staff and facility services and will be posted on a students’ account. Damage deposit refunds will be processed after graduation or official withdrawal from Niagara University provided no outstanding debts are due the university or damage reports are received from housing.

Commuter Dining Options

Fee Amount
Entrances per semester to Dining Commons 32
Declining balance at Gallagher
Entrances per semester to Dining Commons 45
Declining balance at Gallagher
Entrances per semester to Dining Commons 80
Declining balance at Gallagher

One-Time Only Fees

Fee Amount
Full-time registration fee — nonrefundable
A one-time fee charged to all new full-time students.
  • Fall
  • Spring
Residence Hall Network Hardware and Installation Fee Varies

Semester Fees

Fee Amount
Student service fee per semester $890

Required of all students registered for 12 semester hours or more includes the use of the library, athletic and intramural facilities and programs, health services, recreation center, student government, programming board, and university publications.

Other Fees

Fee Amount
Testing and examination fee (all nonrefundable) $240
Minimum challenge examination fee per course challenged. Additional fee of $80 for each semester hour of credit beyond three. Audited courses may not be challenged.
Course Fees
See individual course descriptions for any additional charges.
Study-abroad Fee $285
Internship Fee (Disney or Washington) $135
In lieu of the Student Services fee.
Lab fee (for some Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs) $210
Theatre Course Fee $925
Program Fee for Business and Nursing $540/semester (full time); $36/credit hour (part time)
Program Fee for ISDF $500/semester (full time); $33/credit hour (part time)
Niagara University Life Experience Program (NULIFE)
Life experience evaluation fee
Life experience credit fee per semester hour
NUSTEP (Niagara University Senior Term Enrichment Program)
Credit hour tuition
Additional Late Registration Fee
(Imposed after two weeks after close of standard registration period, after two weeks late registration fee is $100)
Discounted rate for students who are eligible for free /reduced lunch
$80 per credit hour
High School On-Campus Program
Credit-hour tuition
Registration fee per class
(High school juniors and seniors may register for no more than two courses per semester)
Nursing Completion Program
Credit-hour tuition
To receive this rate the student must be matriculated into the College of Nursing completion program.
Accelerated Nursing Program
Credit hour tuition
Cohort fee (per semester)
Nursing Skills Fee (Four year undergraduate program) $155
Penalty Fees
Returned check fee
Late registration fee — nonrefundable
A fee imposed on all students who register after the end of the drop/add period. Penalty of $50 per course up to a maximum of $200 per semester.

If a student registers for a class, does not attend or drop the course, an automatic administration fee may be charged up to $500, if the student subsequently requests to have the course backdated.

Registration will not be permitted after Oct. 15, or March 10 unless additional charges are paid in full.

Parking Permit Fees — Nonrefundable

Fee Amount
Resident students (Fall and Spring) $90
Resident students (Fall or Spring) $60
Commuter students (Fall and Spring) $80
Commuter students (Fall or Spring) $60
Summer school students $30
Additional vehicle $15
Replacement decal1 60% of original cost

For fees applicable to other student categories and parking rules and regulations, see the parking manual available from the director of security.