Tuition Per Credit Hour

Fee Amount
MBA $815
M.S. Finance $815
Online MBA-Strategic Management $815
Corporate Partner Rate1 $100/credit hour discount for employees of corporate partners
Criminal Justice Administration $715
Masters of CIS in Information Security and Digital Forensics $815
Interdisciplinary Studies $615
Education: Elementary and Secondary $795
Advanced: Early Childhood/Special Education, TESOL, STEM, Literacy $795
Online Programs: Special Education, School Business Leadership, Ed Leader School District, Specialist in Developmental Disabilities $725
Education: Clincial Mental Health Counseling $870
Education: School Counselor $820
Education: School Psychology $870
Sport Management $815
Ph.D. Leadership and Policy $1,015
Reutlingen $16,320
International Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning $465 (US) per credit hour ($15,345 (US) for the program)
Admin and Supervision in Ontario $460 (CAD)
Bachelor’s of Professional Studies (Ontario) - Continuing Cohort $535 (CAD)
Bachelor’s of Professional Studies (Ontario) - New Cohort 60 Cr. Hrs. $535 (CAD)
Additional Qualifications per course $710 (CAD)
NU Alumni $640 (CAD)
Additional Basic Qualifications per course $665 (CAD)
NU Alumni $600 (CAD)

Niagara must have a formal agreement with your employer for the rate to apply.

Military Discount

Niagara University is proud to offer a $100/credit hour military discount to all members of the Active Duty Military, Reserve, and Guard pursuing part-time or full-time graduate studies. Contact the Office of Veteran Services for more details. 

Canadian Exchange

As a binational university, Niagara University recognizes its legacy of educating students from the United States and Canada, and wants to help students manage currency exchange when attending Niagara. For that reason, Canadian students attending Niagara University may pay in Canadian funds.

There is an additional Canadian exchange charge to your out-of-pocket costs to allow payment in Canadian funds. You must use this website to make your payments: www.niagarau.ca/payments.  All other payment portals will be in U.S. funds.

Graduate Education Cohort Programs

Fee Amount
One-time fee includes registration, and parking $195
Challenge Examination Fee $240 (Restrictions apply)
MBA Acct. 685 Fee $535
Auditing Tuition $115 (per semester hour - nonrefundable)

Graduate Student Fees (Optional)

Fee Amount
Theatre $30 (per semester - may attend each performance one time)
Health Services $115 (see graduate handbook for coverage)
Kiernan Center $115 (per semester)
Athletics $65 (only basketball and hockey games)
Student Government/Programming (per semester) $150
Package price for all services $360
Transcript $10

 Parking Fees

Fee Amount
Full year $60
One semester $45
Summer only $30
Each additional family vehicle $15
Lost decal 60 percent of original cost for replacement

Late Registration Fee

Fee Amount
Late Registration Fee $50 per course up to a maximum of $200 per semester (Nonrefundable)

A late registration fee can be imposed on all students who register after Oct. 1 for the fall semester and Feb. 15 for the spring semester. The fee is $50 per course up to a maximum of $200 per semester.