Assistantships and Scholarships

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NU Student Emergency Loan Program

An emergency student loan fund has been made available by Niagara University which enables students to borrow loans on a short-term emergency basis at a nominal service charge. The office is located in the Office of Student Records and Financial Services, Butler Building.

Other Information


Each semester a number of financial aid recipients become “over-awarded” as the result of receiving additional assistance after receiving their initial financial aid package or because the students enrollment status changes. As a result, some students may have received refunds for which they are no longer eligible which may result in owing a balance back to the university. To avoid this problem, students are urged to notify the Financial Aid Office promptly when they receive additional funds from any source not listed in their award letters or when students change their enrollment status.

Students must reapply for financial assistance each year. The academic year begins with the summer session and continues with the fall and spring semesters. Students who attend in the fall and spring and then wish to attend Niagara University the following summer session must complete a new FAFSA as the summer begins a new academic year. The FAFSA is available at