Political Science, B.A.

General Education Requirement
NUB 102NU Beginnings 11
Foundation Courses27
Distribution Courses33
Major Requirement
POL 101American Govt3
POL 200Political Science Practical Seminar3
POL 390Resrch Mthds-Pol Sci3
POL 490Research Thesis3
POLPolitical Theory and Methodology3
POLAmerican Political Systems3
POLComparative Political Systems3
POLInternational Relations3
POLPolitical Science electives18
MAT 102Intro Statistics3
or CIS 233 Using Computer-Rsrch
Advised electives15
Total Credits121

All Niagara University students entering as freshmen are required to take the one credit Niagara University Beginning seminar course (NUB 102 NU Beginnings) in addition to the 20 general education requirements.