Entrance Examinations


Niagara University has adopted a test optional admissions policy for first-year undergraduate applicants, beginning with the fall 2018 entry year.

Niagara has joined a growing number of the nation’s most competitive and well-respected institutions by giving students the option to submit or withhold standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) as part of their admissions application.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will continue to accept standardized test scores from students who believe their results are reflective of their academic abilities to succeed at the university. If they feel that it doesn’t reflect their ability and academic skills, they have the option of not submitting.

SAT or ACT Scores must be submitted for the following:

  1. Select academic programs such as Nursing and Biology
  2. Consideration for the Trustees and Presidential Scholarships
  3. Science-related scholarships such as NUSURF (Niagara University Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship)
  4. Home schooled students

Students who wish that their scores be sent directly to NU should indicate our code on the appropriate form. NU’s code for the SAT is 2558; our code for the ACT is 2842. If submitted, test results must be forwarded to NU either by the processing center or from the high school. Test scores that are part of the official high school transcript are considered official. The admissions office will review and use the best subset from each test. This combination will be used for the review process.


Nontraditional students (students who did not complete high school and receive their high school diploma in the regular sequence) are required to submit the results of the High School Equivalency Examination.

College Transfer Credit

High school seniors pursuing college-level course work at another institution or at their own high school must forward official documentation from the host college to the Office of Admissions. Upon receipt of an official transcript, all course work will be reviewed and a decision made concerning credit to be awarded.