Health (HEA)

HEA 450 —   Research Process  (3 credits)  

Emphasis is on accessing, analyzing and critiquing research in scientific literature to determine implications for practice. The scientific process to conduct research is examined. Ethical considerations are discussed. Professional nurse's role in identifying potential research problems, participating in research, evaluating its content and synthesizing findings for evidence-based practice is examined.

HEA 464 —   Admin & Mngt in Health Care  (3 credits)  

Administration and Management principles are applied to the unique business and service of health care delivery. Goal-setting, decision-making, ethical treatment of stakeholders are grounded in organizational mission and policy. Unit management tools include budgeting, staffing, staff development, team building, problem solving and conflict management. Delegation and communication styles are discussed.

HEA 468 —   Information & Technology  (3 credits)  

This online course familiarizes the nurse with terminology, standards and rationale for health system information technology. Computer systems to access, enter, and manage information are demonstrated. Students employ search and retrieval of scientific literature to support evidence-based practice. Ethics regarding privacy, information storing, sharing, and security are discussed.

HEA 470 —   Leadership in Health Care  (3 credits)  

System thinking is applied to health care. Role of mission and vision in creating a values-driven organizational culture is discussed. Strategic planning, corporate ethics, leadership styles and theories of change are related to health systems. Trends in public policy are applied to health care. Interdisciplinary relationships are described.