Grade Appeal

Niagara University is committed to the just and equitable evaluation of academic work. The standards for grading shall be outlined in a course syllabus; students who believe the award of a grade is not in accordance with the standards outlined in the syllabus should follow the procedure for appealing a grade.

Niagara University is committed to assigning grades fairly. However, students should understand that the process of handing in work and getting feedback from the professor is an important part of the process of learning. Students should try to learn from the instructor’s feedback and endeavor to learn from the process of evaluation. Often, it is in the best interest of the student to meet with the instructor to discuss grades and ways to improve performance rather than simply protest a grade.

If a student, having reviewed the syllabus and made a concerted effort to understand feedback from the instructor, still suspects the grade was unfair, the student may use the procedure to appeal the grade. This procedure can be found under Academic Affairs Grade Appeal at