Sexual Misconduct Policy

For purposes of this section, “sexual assault,” “dating violence,” “domestic violence,” and “stalking” are as defined by federal regulations, and are collectively referred to as “Sexual Misconduct.” Harassment and other forms of gender discrimination that do not fall under this definition of Sexual Misconduct are addressed by the university’s harassment policy, which may be found at

If you have questions regarding this policy, or if you have witnessed or been the victim of a sexual assault on campus or in association with university program or activity, you may call Chris Sheffield, Title IX Coordinator, for immediate assistance at 716.286.8425 or the Office of the Dean of Students at 716.286.8405. If it is after business hours and you need immediate assistance, please call Campus Safety at 716.286.8111 and/or contact a member of the residence life staff and say “I need to report Sexual Misconduct (sexual assault/domestic violence/dating violence/stalking).” This will put you in touch with a trained responder. The university will use all reasonable efforts to keep your report as private as you request.

If you are a student and experience sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, either on campus, in association with our programs, when studying abroad, or while you are a student, you may make a private complaint to a member of the Residence Life staff, the Dean of Students, the Title IX Coordinator, Campus Safety, Human Resources, or the General Counsel’s Office. This includes the option — but not the requirement — to report the matter to law enforcement, and the option to withdraw your complaint at any time, and for action under this policy to cease (unless there is a risk of danger to the campus). Please know that students may be entitled to interim protections, including but not limited to: re-arranged living arrangements and class times to limit interactions with a reported abuser; for a full recitation of student rights, please see bill_of_rights.