E-sports, minor

The minor in E-sports requires a total of six courses (18 credits), a

Required Courses (9 credits)
CIS 490Topic: (Introduction to E-sports)3
CIS 490Topic: (Introduction to Game Design)3
SPM 275Sport Management and Recreation3
Select three electives from the following (9 credits):
CIS 256Mobile Gaming I3
CIS 356Mobile Gaming II3
CMS 260Sports Broadcasting3
CMS 360Special Topics (Videogames and Culture)3
SPM 244Recreation & Sport Law3
SPM 335Issues in Sport and Recreation3
SPM 380Sport & Recreation Policy and Governance3
MKG 181Principles of Marketing3
MKG 311Marketing Research3
MKG 382Social Media Planning3
MKG 383Applied Digital Analytics3

All minors must take at least half of the courses in the minor from outside their major. For example, for students with a major in CIS or SPM, no more than three CIS courses or three SPM courses, respectively, may be used to satisfy the requirements for the E-sports minor.