Liberal Arts, B.A. with a Concentration in Multicultural Studies


Students completing a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Multicultural Studies may combine courses from either two or three different academic fields. Students pursuing the two academic fields Liberal Arts Multicultural Studies Model Major must select six courses from one of the groups below and five courses from another. Students pursuing the three academic disciplines Liberal Arts Multicultural Studies Model Major must select five courses from one of the groups below and three each from two other groups. All students must also complete the Senior Seminar (LAM 499 Senior Seminar; LAM 403 Honors Thesis I/LAM 404 Honors Thesis II). At least two courses, not including the Senior Seminar, must be at the 300 or 400 level.

In addition to coursework required by the Multicultural Studies Model Major, students will also be required to complete all requirements of the Liberal Arts Program. For specific degree requirements unique to the Liberal Arts Program, consult the description of the program in this catalog.

Course Requirements

Select from two or three of the following lists of suggested courses.

Communication Studies

CMS 350Mass Media and Culture3
CMS 354International Communication3
CMS 361Politics and Media3
CMS 363Stereotyping in the Media3
CMS 491
CMS 492
CMS 493
CMS 494
CMS 495
CMS 496
and Internship
and Communications Co-Op
and Communications Co-Op
and Communications Co-Op
and Communications Co-Op


HIS 105Introduction to Africana Studies3
HIS 220Africa in World History3
HIS 222Rivalries: Central Asia & Afghanistan3
HIS 321History of Russia3
HIS 322History of the Soviet Union3
HIS 273African American Survey3
HIS 280Asia-Pacific World3
HIS 346Black Freedom Movement3
HIS 371The Middle East3
HIS 372The Modern Middle East3
HIS 376Modern Japan3
HIS 375Modern China3
HIS 376Modern Japan3
HIS 379U.S. and Latin American History3
HIS 493History Internship3

Modern Languages

ARA 200Contemporary Arabic Culture3
CHI 200Chinese Popular Culture3
FRE 200Francophone Women3
ITA 200Italian Culture3
JPN 200Japanese Popular Culture3
LAS 200Popular Culture in Lat America3
SPA 200Hispanic Women Writers in English3

Political Science

POL 105Comparative Govt3
POL 220Women and the Law3
POL 230Women in Politics3
POL 282Canadian Politics3
POL 306Feminist Polit. Theory3
POL 355Civil Liberties3
POL 362Political Development3
POL 376Politics/Middle East3
POL 378Politics & Soc Latin America3

Religious Studies

REL 206World Religions3
REL 230Monastery and Megachurch3
REL 309Hinduism & Buddhism3
REL 370Islam3


SOC 205Native American Culture3
SOC 288Youth/Music/Subculture3
SOC 308Women in Society3
SOC 317Cultural Anthropology3
SOC 325Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 431Seminar Black Family3
SOC 432Seminar Black Family3
SOC 493
SOC 494
SOC 495
SOC 496
Sociology Internship/Co-op
and Sociology Co-op
and Sociology Internship/Co-op
and Sociology Internship/Co-op