Criminal Justice Administration, M.S.

Program of Study

The master of science degree in criminal justice administration consists of an 11-course sequence totaling 33 semester hours. All courses earn three credits. All classes are offered at 4 p.m. or later, and convenient class scheduling permits students to take two courses on some class evenings.

Six of the 11 courses are core requirements, the remainder are electives. The master’s degree program is designed for completion in one calendar year for full-time students and three calendar years for part-time students.

Core Requirements
CRJ 500Seminar in System-Wide Issues in3
CRJ 510Seminar in Criminal Justice Management3
CRJ 520Introduction to Statistical Analysis3
CRJ 530Seminar in Professional Ethics and3
CRJ 540Research, Planning, and Evaluation3
Electives: select four
Seminar in Capital Punishment
Seminar in Corporate and White-Collar
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Seminar in Restorative Justice
Race, Gender and Class in the Criminal
Seminar in Special Problems in Criminal (Criminal Courts)
Seminar in Special Problems in Criminal (Homeland Security)
Seminar in Special Problems in Criminal (Victimization)
Domestic Violence
Capstone Option I
Criminal Justice Policy Paper - Capstone
One additional elective course3
Capstone Option II
Master's Thesis I
Master's Thesis II
Total Credits18